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Salary from Hospital as an employee
Salary from the hospital as an employee means that the hospital pays the candidate who receives an IRS form W-2.
Self-insured means that the facility is financially responsible for paying malpractice claims. Sometimes, the facility will cover the first dollar costs up to a certain amount such as 1 million dollars. Thus the facility will purchase coverage for amounts greater than 1 million. The concern for the anesthesia provider is whether or not the facility actually has the financial ability to pay a judgment against them.
Sign-on Bonus
Sign-on bonus is money paid to start work. It usually has a time commitment.
Stipend = "Compensation for Services" (CFS)´┐Ż
Payment to´┐Żanesthesia group for a requested level of service NOT supported by the current revenue stream.
Surgical anesthesia
Surgical anesthesia is anesthesia that is provided for surgical patients, i.e. patients having surgical operations.
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