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Payor means the entity that pays the anesthesia bill.
Payor mix
The percentage of cases that are Medicare, Medicaid, Commercial Insurance, HMO, Managed Care, and self-pay.
Pending Job
"Pending" Jobs are jobs that are not "Actual" jobs yet.
"Pending" Jobs are jobs that are contingent on something such as funding, contract signature, etc.
"Pending" Jobs may eventually become "Actual Jobs".
"Pending" Jobs provide useful information about a possible upcoming positions.
"Pending" Jobs, however, may never become "Actual" jobs due to a failure to secure funding or a signed contract.
Percentage Income
A percentage income is variable. The percentage income will depend on the total income of the anesthesia group. The total income of the group will depend on the number of cases and the payor mix of those cases.
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