Why GasWork.com - New Features

Live Chat

  • Online access to the GasWork team
  • Receive instant answers to questions
  • Completely online and easy to use
  • No need to download software or use email

Improved Search Features

  • Search postings by keyword
  • Basic and advanced search options for drilling down on relevant results
  • Easily compare jobs to one another
  • Sort search results by various criteria

Easier Form Posting

  • Never easier - the length of posting forms have been shortened to speed your entry
  • Intelligent forms build themselves dynamically based upon your entries
  • Post at your convenience - new features enable you to save a post to be completed at a later time

No More Posting Delays

  • Expose your jobs to available candidates without a delay
  • Both "high priority" and "priority" posts will be displayed immediately
  • You have the power to control your own posts through your profile center
  • Changes to posts will be immediately displayed on the site
  • Posts can be easily upgraded to "high priority" or "priority" at any time - when added to the site or any time after

Flexible Account Management

  • Login to view your account status at any time
  • Update posts or profile information through an easy-to-use online form - changes are immediate
  • Review reports on the number of available "high priority" or "priority" upgrades remaining in your plan

Online Payments Accepted

  • Credit cards and electronic checks now accepted
  • Immediate payment ensures no delays for your posts
  • Recurring billing ensures uninterrupted service

New Help Tools - Glossary & FAQ

  • Check out our alphabetized listing of commonly used terms
  • The intelligent glossary will link to applicable terms throughout the site - mouse over highlighted words to learn more
  • Frequently asked questions can be reviewed
  • Submit a brief form to get answers to your questions - or use the new live chat feature

Easily Manage Your Team

  • Add, edit or delete team profiles
  • Associate appropriate access levels
  • Re-associate posts for past employees

Favorite Posts

  • Enables you to easily save posts
  • Centralized access to favorites is located in the your profile center
  • One click to remove posts from your favorites

Save Searches

  • Create the perfect search query and save it to your profile
  • Centralized access to saved searches is located in the your profile center
  • One click to remove searches from your saved list